bug module meaning error term what is
Software problems defined. What does it do? What is this bug? A dictionary of answers - how it.

Definition for QA testing

Quality assurance in software. Testing & finding bugs during development. Software testers.

  • What is interoperability Definition The capability of the software product to interact with one or more specified components or systems. (functionality
  • What is interoperability testing Definition The process of testing to determine the interoperability of a software product. (functionality testing
  • What is test manager Definition management of testing activities and resources, and evaluation of a test object. The individual who directs, controls
  • What is test case suite Definition component or system under test, where the post condition of one test is often used as the precondition for the next one
  • What is process schemat Definition A framework wherein processes of the same nature are classified into a overall model, e.g. a test improvement model

Glossary for Mac OS developers

Apple Mac operating system explained. Helping Mac programmers.

What is means in finance definitions

What it means in financial world. Business definitions for young IT guys looking for finance help.

  • What is Full faith-and-credit obligations Definition municipal bond issuers, such as states and large cities that have diverse funding sources
  • What is "Bring it out" Definition In the context of general equities, make stock available for sale to indicated buyers
  • What is Schedule 13d Definition Disclosure form required when more than 5% of any class of equity securities in a publicly held corporation is purchased
  • What is Supermajority amendment Definition amendment requiring that a substantial majority (usually 67% to 90%) of stockholders approve important transactions

Glossary for developers

Help for developer. Manual for web development in several programming languages.

  • Manual for lift “Lift compares the frequency of an observed pattern with how often you’d expect to see that pattern just by chance
  • Manual for R An open-source programming language and environment for statistical computing and graph generation available for Linux
  • Manual for support vector machine Also, SVM. Imagine that you want to write a function that draws a line on a two-dimensional x-y graph that separates
  • Manual for quantile, quartile When you divide a set of sorted values into groups that each have the same number of values (for example, if you divide
  • Manual for predictive analytics The analysis of data to predict future events, typically to aid in business planning. This incorporates predictive