bug module meaning error term what is
Software problems defined. What does it do? What is this bug? A dictionary of answers - how it.

Definition for QA testing

Quality assurance in software. Testing & finding bugs during development. Software testers.

  • What is Mtbf Definition between failures of a system. The MTBF is typically part of a reliability growth model that assumes the failed system
  • What is Tool Review Definition review process. Typical features include review planning and tracking support, communication support, collaborative
  • What is Testing Dirty Definition or system does not work. Negative testing is related to the testers’ attitude rather than a specific test approach or
  • What is Set Test Basis Definition internal structure of a component or specification to ensure that 100% of a specified coverage criterion will be
  • What is Software Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (SFMEA Definition identification and analysis of identifying possible modes of failure and attempting to prevent their occurrence

Glossary for Mac OS developers

Apple Mac operating system explained. Helping Mac programmers.

  • Mac OS Browser Dictionary Definition Seeterminology browser
  • Mac OS Core Wss Definition Specification. A specification that defines a set of SOAP extensions that can be used to provide message-level data
  • Mac OS Darwin Definition source project that includes the Darwin kernel, the BSD commands and C libraries, and several additional features. The
  • Mac OS Object Shadow Definition modified pages that originally belonged to another memory object. It is used when an object that was duplicated in a
  • Mac OS Lfe Definition typical channels in 5.1 Surround Sound . The LFE channel covers the bottom two or three octaves of audio and is

What is means in finance definitions

What it means in financial world. Business definitions for young IT guys looking for finance help.

Glossary for developers

Help for developer. Manual for web development in several programming languages.

  • Manual for Quartile Quantile When you divide a set of sorted values into groups that each have the same number of values (for example, if you divide
  • Manual for Covariance “A measure of the relationship between two variables whose values are observed at the same time; specifically, the
  • Manual for Variable Latent “In statistics, latent variables (from Latin: present participle of lateo ('lie hidden'),as opposed to
  • Manual for Variable Discrete A variable whose potential values must be one of a specific number of values. If someone rates a movie with between one
  • Manual for Perl An older scripting language with roots in pre-Linux UNIX systems. Perl has always been popular for text processing