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Definition of COM: Component Object Schemat for programmer: software componentry introduced in 1993.


Definition COM: Component Object Schemat

Explanation: Component Object Model (COM) is a Microsoft platform for software componentry introduced in 1993, largely to replace the interprocess communication mechanism DDE used by the initial release of OLE. It is used to enable interprocess communication and dynamic object creation in any programming language that supports the technology. The term COM is often used in the software development world as an umbrella term that encompasses the OLE, OLE Automation, ActiveX, COM+ and DCOM technologies. COM provides a language-neutral way of implementing objects such that they can be used in environments different from the one they were created in, even across machine boundaries. For well-authored components, COM allows reuse of objects with no knowledge of their internal implementation because it forces component implementers to provide well-defined interfaces that are separate from the implementation.

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