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Hypertalk, Hypermedia, Hypercard, Hydrogen Software, Html-Kit, Html Editor, Hsqldb, Hothtml.

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  • Handwriting Recognition definition What is computer receiving handwritten input and intelligently recognize it to some characters. The image of the written text may be sensed "
  • Haskell Programming Language definition What is called Haskell in most cases, is a standardized pure functional programming language with non-strict semantics, named after the logician
  • Helper Applications definition What is viewer program launched to display content retrieved using a web browser. These applications commonly let you see and hear video and audio
  • Heterogeneous Mechanizm definition What is context, refer to systems that have different aspects such as the interface, the implementation, the data, etc. Two systems in a family are
  • Hex editor definition What is Hex editor is a tool used to create and modify binary files
  • High-Level Language definition What is level programming language, is a programming language that, in comparison to low-level programming languages, may be more abstract, easier
  • HLA: High Level Architecture definition What is general purpose architecture for distributed computer simulation systems. Using HLA, computer simulations can communicate to other computer
  • HLA: High Level Assembly definition What is assembly language developed by Randall Hyde which can use high level language constructs to aid x86 assembly programmer beginners and
  • HMP: Hybrid Multiprocessing definition What is kind of multitasking which provides some elements of symmetric multiprocessing, using add-on IBM software called MP/2. IBM OS/2 supports
  • Hoard Memory Allocator definition What is is a memory allocator for Linux, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and other operating systems. Hoard can improve the performance of multithreaded
  • Homogeneous Mechanizm definition What is context, refer to the systems if they have the same aspects like the same interface, the same implementation, that can interoperate, can
  • Horizontal Software definition What is horizontal application, refers to the kind of software used by many different kinds of organizations, such as word processing or
  • HotHTML definition What is editor rolled into one with a strong focus on web development, originally released as a freeware web coding tool (WYSIWYN
  • HSQLDB definition What is management system written in Java. It is based on Thomas Mueller's discontinued Hypersonic SQL Project. The software is available
  • HTML Editor definition What is application for creating web pages. Although the HTML markup of a web page can be written with any text editor, specialised HTML editors
  • HTML-Kit definition What is Microsoft Windows made by chami.com. It falls into the class of HTML editors that emphasize editing HTML code directly, although it does
  • Hydrogen Software definition What is machine application originally developed for GNU/Linux but later ported to Windows and Mac OS X. Its main goal is to bring professional yet
  • HyperCard definition What is from Apple Computer in 1987. It most closely resembles a database application in concept, in that it stores information, and is graphical
  • Hypermedia definition What is term hypertext, allows graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks intertwine to create a generally non-linear medium of information
  • HyperTalk definition What is language created in 1987 by Dan Winkler and used in conjunction with Apple Computer's HyperCard hypermedia program. The main target

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