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Software problems defined. What does it do? What is this bug? A dictionary of answers - how it.

Definition for QA testing

Quality assurance in software. Testing & finding bugs during development. Software testers.

  • What is Testing Syntax definition A black box test design technique in which test cases are designed based upon the definition of the input domain and/or output domain compare.
  • What is Process explain A set of interrelated activities, which transform inputs into outputs why.
  • What is Planning Test what is The activity of establishing or updating a test plan how better.
  • What is Characteristic Quality Software meaning A feature or characteristic that affects an item’s quality. (quality attribute, software product characteristic when.
  • MODIFIED CONDITION DECISION COVERAGE abbreviation of all single condition outcomes that independently affect a decision outcome that have been exercised by a test case suite. 100 determines.
  • MODERATOR how to The leader and main person responsible for an inspection or other review process comparing to.
  • ACTUAL RESULT help The behavior produced/observed when a component or system is tested depends on.
  • TEST INCIDENT REPORT crossword A document reporting on any event that occurred, e.g. during the testing, which requires investigation. (incident report which.
  • DYNAMIC ANALYSIS TOOL examples provides run-time information on the state of the software code. These tools are most commonly used to identify unassigned pointers, check difference.

Glossary for Mac OS developers

Apple Mac operating system explained. Helping Mac programmers.

  • Mac OS Rectangle Bounding Image definition The smallest rectangle that completely encloses the filled or framed parts of a block of text. See also typographic bounding rectangle compare.
  • Mac OS Editor Text explain In Xcode, a view that displays a file for editing. The editor can be a pane in a window or a standalone window why.
  • Mac OS Curve Bézier what is A cubic equation originally developed by Pierre Bézier. In typography, used to define the shape of a glyph how better.
  • Mac OS Guide Custom meaning In Interface Builder, an alignment tool that is placed by the user in order to align objects to an arbitrary location on the design surface when.
  • DEDICATED NETWORK BUILD abbreviation distributed build that is effective on large projects using ten or more build servers. See also distributed build . Compare shared determines.
  • SCHEMAT OBJECT how to oriented programming, a type of object that contains the data of an application, provides access to that data, and implements logic to comparing to.
  • VIRTUAL MEMORY help See VM depends on.
  • ITEM crossword Services, an application, document, or URL to be operated on. (2) In AppleScript, a value in a list or record. An item can be specified by which.
  • RESOLUTION examples pixels (individual points of color) contained on a display, expressed in terms of the number of pixels on the horizontal axis and the difference.

Computer software usage

  • What is Department of Education / Department of Energy definition DOE 1. US Department of Education. 2. US Department of Energy Relevant links: www.fe.doe.gov compare.
  • What is Convert to a digital equivalent explain Digitise The process of converting an analogue signal (such as sound) or image (such as a conventional map) to a digital equivalent why.
  • What is File Transfer Protocol with SSL security what is Transfer Protocol with SSL security. Similar to standard FTP but performs operations over an encrypted link (SSL) and is thus said to be how better.
  • What is Call Procedure Remote meaning RPC Remote Procedure Call. A procedure call that executes (in part) on a remote host when.
  • A PROTOCOL THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE AN ESTABLISHED CONNECTION PRIOR TO SENDING DATA abbreviation protocol) A protocol where there is no handshaking between the sender and receiver. In a connectionless protocol neither the delivery of determines.
  • UNSPECIFIED BIT RATE / UNIVERSAL BANDWIDTH ROUTER / UDDI BUSINESSREGISTRY how to UBR 1. Unspecified Bit Rate. No guarantee of available bandwidth. 2. Universal Bandwidth Router. 3. UDDI Business Registry comparing to.
  • OPEN GIS CONSORTIUM help Geospatial Consortium. OGC is a non-profit organisation working in the broad fields of GIS, dedicated to the creation of standards in the depends on.
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES crossword EMS Emergency Medical Services which.
  • CLIENT SERVER APPLICATION REQUIRING MINIMAL NETWORK TRAFFIC / COMPUTERUSED ONLY AS A NETWORK CLIENT examples A client/server application that is designed to minimize the amount of data (including the application itself) that needs to be difference.

What is means in finance definitions

What it means in financial world. Business definitions for young IT guys looking for finance help.

  • What is Market Rigged definition Manipulation of prices in a market to attract buyers and sellers compare.
  • What is Market Gray explain sale of securities that have not officially been issued to firms other than the underwriting syndicate. This type of market serves as a why.
  • What is Certificate of Accrual on Treasury Securities (CATS) what is zero-coupon U.S. Treasury issue that is sold at a deep discount from the face value and pays no coupon interest during its lifetime, but how better.
  • What is Variance meaning dispersion of a set of data points around their mean value. The mathematical expectation of the average squared deviations from the mean when.
  • FREE ON BOARD (FOB) abbreviation distribution services like transport and handling performed on goods up to the customs frontier (of the economy from which the goods are determines.
  • OTHER SOURCES how to funds generated during the period from operations by sources other than depreciation or deferred taxes. Part of free cash flow calculation comparing to.
  • FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION help An institution chartered by the federal government whose primary function is to collect savings deposits and to provide mortgage loans depends on.
  • DISABILITY INCOME INSURANCE crossword policy that insures a worker in the event of an occupational mishap resulting in disability. Insurance benefits compensate the injured which.
  • VARIABLE LIFE INSURANCE POLICY examples insurance policy that provides a death benefit dependent on the insured's portfolio market value at the time of death. Typically the difference.

Glossary for developers

Help for developer. Manual for web development in several programming languages.

  • Manual for Engineering Feature definition good model, however, often requires more effort and iteration and a process called feature engineering. Features are the model’s inputs compare.
  • Manual for Outlier explain values that might be errors in measurement and recording, or might be accurate reports of rare events.”[downey] See also overfitting why.
  • Manual for Mean what is value, although technically that is known as the “arithmetic mean.” (Other means include the geometric and harmonic means.) See also median how better.
  • Manual for Learning Unsupervised meaning machine learning algorithms designed to identify groupings of data without knowing in advance what the groups will be. See also supervised when.
  • CROSS-VALIDATION abbreviation data with an algorithm, “the name given to a set of techniques that divide up data into training sets and test sets. The training set is determines.
  • DEEP LEARNING how to multi-level algorithm that gradually identifies things at higher levels of abstraction. For example, the first level may identify certain comparing to.
  • T-DISTRIBUTION help student’s t distribution. A variation on normal distribution that accounts for the fact that you’re only using a sampling of all the depends on.
  • MEAN ABSOLUTE ERROR crossword average error of all predicted values when compared with observed values. See also Mean Squared Error, Root Mean Squared Error which.
  • SCRIPTING examples use of a computer language where your program, or script, can be run directly with no need to first compile it to binary code as with with difference.