bug module meaning error term what is
Software problems defined. What does it do? What is this bug? A dictionary of answers - how it.

Definition for QA testing

Quality assurance in software. Testing & finding bugs during development. Software testers.

  • What is path Definition A sequence of events, e.g. executable statements, of a component or system from an entry point to an exit point
  • What is integration Definition The process of combining components or systems into larger assemblies
  • What is completion criteria Definition conditions, agreed upon with the stakeholders, for permitting a process to be officially completed. The purpose of exit
  • What is phase test plan Definition A test plan that typically addresses one test phase. (test plan
  • What is unit testing Definition The testing of individual software components

Glossary for Mac OS developers

Apple Mac operating system explained. Helping Mac programmers.

  • Mac OS architecture-specific build setting Definition In Xcode, options for specific architectures, such as PowerPC or Intel
  • Mac OS tempo track Definition A special track used to synchronize all the other tracks in a sequence . See also event track
  • Mac OS phoneme Definition A distinct unit that serves to distinguish between meanings of words
  • Mac OS creator signature Definition In the Macintosh file system, a four-character code that identifies the application to which a file belongs
  • Mac OS compound statement Definition more than one line and contains other statements. A compound statement begins with a reserved word indicating its

What is means in finance definitions

What it means in financial world. Business definitions for young IT guys looking for finance help.

  • What is Margin call Definition of adverse price movement. Maintenance margin requirement, security deposit maintenance
  • What is Firm order Definition order to buy or sell for the proprietary account of the broker-dealer firm; (2) buy or sell order not conditional upon
  • What is Free right of exchange Definition securities from one name to another name without paying charges that accompany a sales transaction
  • What is Undercapitalized Definition A business has insufficient capital to carry out its normal functions

Glossary for developers

Help for developer. Manual for web development in several programming languages.

  • Manual for discrete variable A variable whose potential values must be one of a specific number of values. If someone rates a movie with between one
  • Manual for time series data “Strictly speaking, a time series is a sequence of measurements of some quantity taken at different times, often but
  • Manual for deep learning Typically, a multi-level algorithm that gradually identifies things at higher levels of abstraction. For example, the
  • Manual for Python A programming language available since 1994 that is popular with people doing data science. Python is noted for ease of
  • Manual for Poisson distribution A distribution of independent events, usually over a period of time or space, used to help predict the probability of