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Software problems defined. What does it do? What is this bug? A dictionary of answers - how it.

Definition for QA testing

Quality assurance in software. Testing & finding bugs during development. Software testers.

  • What is Testing Condition Decision Definition A white box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute condition outcomes and decision outcomes help.
  • What is Debugger Definition programmers to reproduce failures, investigate the state of programs and find the corresponding defect. Debuggers enable programmers to help.
  • What is Testing Serviceability Definition The process of testing to determine the maintainability of a software product (maintainability testing help.
  • What is Data Test Definition exists (for example, in a database) before a test is executed, and that affects or is affected by the component or system under test help.
  • DECISION COVERAGE Definition of decision outcomes that have been exercised by a test suite. 100% decision coverage implies both 100% branch coverage and 100% statement help.
  • PRIORITY Definition The level of (business) importance assigned to an item, e.g. defect help.
  • SCALABILITY TESTING Definition Testing to determine the scalability of the software product help.
  • AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Definition software development methodologies based on iterative incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through help.

Glossary for Mac OS developers

Apple Mac operating system explained. Helping Mac programmers.

  • Mac OS Point Current Definition The last location Quartz used when painting a path help.
  • Mac OS Structure Ifnet Definition A data structure containing function pointers and data related to a particular network interface help.
  • Mac OS Error Quantization Definition between an original analog signal value and its quantized digital representation. Quantization can sometimes results in a signal help.
  • Mac OS Iso Definition organization, called International Organization for Standardization in English, that formulates and promotes industrial and commercial help.
  • QUICKDRAW Definition The original Mac OS two-dimensional drawing software, used by QuickTime help.
  • KEYCHAIN ITEM Definition is encrypted and protected by the keychain, plus its associated attributes and access object. Each keychain item has a class that help.
  • SRC Definition Sample rate conversion. In digital audio, the process of converting PCM data from one sample rate to another help.
  • POINT SIZE Definition font’s glyphs as measured from the baseline of one line of text to the baseline of the next line of single-spaced text. In the United help.

What is means in finance definitions

What it means in financial world. Business definitions for young IT guys looking for finance help.

  • What is Market A Seek Definition Search for a securities buyer or seller help.
  • What is Full Definition Handle help.
  • What is Curve Yield Definition depiction of the relationship between the yield on bonds of the same credit quality but different maturities. Related: Term structure of help.
  • What is Spread Mob Definition The yield spread between a tax-free municipal bond and a Treasury bond with the same maturity help.
  • PENSION SPONSORS Definition Organizations that have established a pension plan help.
  • INTRINSIC VALUE OF AN OPTION Definition The amount by which an option is in the money. An option that is not in the money has no intrinsic value help.
  • CREDIT UNION Definition A not-for-profit institution that is operated as a cooperative and offers financial services such as low-interest loans, to its members help.
  • CONVERTIBLE PRICE Definition The contractually specified price per share at which a convertible security can be converted into shares of common stock help.

Glossary for developers

Help for developer. Manual for web development in several programming languages.

  • Manual for Network Bayesian Definition net. “Bayesian networks are graphs that compactly represent the relationship between random variables for a given problem. These graphs aid help.
  • Manual for Algorithm Definition repeatable steps for carrying out a certain type of task with data. As with data structures, people studying computer science learn about help.
  • Manual for Error Squared Mean Definition average of the squares of all the errors found when comparing predicted values with observed values. Squaring them makes the bigger errors help.
  • Manual for Root Mean Squared Error Definition The square root of the Mean Squared Error. This is more popular than Mean Squared Error because taking the square root of a figure built help.
  • VARIANCE Definition list of numbers varies from the mean (average) value. It is frequently used in statistics to measure how large the differences are in a set help.
  • BAYES' THEOREM Definition 039; Rule. An equation for calculating the probability that something is true if something potentially related to it is true. If P(A) means help.
  • MEAN ABSOLUTE ERROR Definition average error of all predicted values when compared with observed values. See also Mean Squared Error, Root Mean Squared Error help.
  • DISCRETE VARIABLE Definition whose potential values must be one of a specific number of values. If someone rates a movie with between one and five stars, with no help.