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Apple Mac OS developers glossary letter G

  • What is gain What is the corresponding input level for a device. Level is typically represented in terms of power or voltage, but gain is unitless and is
  • What is gamma correction What is An operation that changes color intensity values to correct for the nonlinear response of the eye or of a display
  • What is GCD What is Grand Central Dispatch, an OS X technology (available in OS X v10.6 and later) for executing asynchronous tasks concurrently
  • What is gdb What is level debugger with a command-line interface. It’s a popular open source debugger and is included with the OS X developer tools
  • What is Generic color space What is A device-independent color space chosen automatically by OS X to produce the best color for the drawing destination
  • What is generic password What is A password other than an Internet password
  • What is gesture What is In Ink Services, a handwritten mark that is recognized as having a special meaning, such as, Select All, Cut, and Copy
  • What is GID What is collection of users. In BSD , each user can belong to one or more groups. Each file-system object has an associated GID that is used to
  • What is GL What is The core OpenGL library
  • What is global coordinates What is The coordinate system where the origin is set at the top-left corner of the main viewing screen. Compare local coordinates
  • What is global dispatch queue What is application automatically by Grand Central Dispatch (GCD). You do not have to create global queues yourself or retain or release them
  • What is global socket filter What is In the kernel, a socket filter that is automatically enabled for sockets of the type specified
  • What is global variable What is A variable that is available anywhere in the script in which it is defined
  • What is GLU What is The OpenGL Utilities library
  • What is GLUT What is The OpenGL Utility Toolkit, which is independent of the window system. In OS X, GLUT is implemented on top of Cocoa
  • What is GLX What is An OpenGL extension that supports using OpenGL within a window provided by the X Window system
  • What is glyph What is character in a form that a screen or printer can display. A glyph may represent one character (the lowercase a), more than one character
  • What is glyph code What is A number that specifies a particular glyph in a font. Fonts map character codes to glyph codes, which in turn specify individual glyphs
  • What is glyph direction What is The direction in which successive glyphs are read
  • What is glyph index What is display text. The leftmost glyph in a line of text has a glyph index of 0; each succeeding glyph to the right has an index one greater than
  • What is glyph orientation What is A value that specifies which direction (vertical or horizontal) glyphs should be drawn
  • What is glyph origin What is The point used to position a glyph when drawing
  • What is glyph outline What is The curves that make up the shape of the glyph
  • What is gradient What is A fill that varies from one color to another. See also axial gradient , radial gradient
  • What is Grand Central Dispatch What is GCD
  • What is grafport What is See graphics context
  • What is graph What is 1) in Quartz Composer, a of connected patches on the workspace. (2) In Core Audio, short for audio processing graph
  • What is graphics context What is encapsulates the information Quartz uses to draw images to an output device, such as a PDF file, a bitmap, or a window on a display. The
  • What is graphics mode What is In QuickTime, the method by which two overlapping images are blended together to produce a composite image
  • What is graphics port What is CGContextRef for Quartz 2D. The drawing environment contains all the information needed to translate drawing operations from bits in memory
  • What is graphics state What is Defines the drawing parameter settings (line width, fill color, and many other parameters) for a specific graphics context
  • What is graphics world What is In QuickTime, a software environment in which a movie track or set of images may be defined before importing them into a movie
  • What is group What is See also GID . (2) In Xcode, a collection of related files in the Groups & Files list. See also smart group , source group
  • What is group box What is In a dialog, a visual indication that certain controls belong together
  • What is group list What is which the owner of a process belongs plus any additional groups added to the list programatically (for example, using the setgid command
  • What is Groups & Files list What is In Xcode, a view that contains a list of a project’s contents
  • What is GSS-API What is Generic Security Service Application Program Interface. An open-source API that can be used to adapt an application to use Kerberos
  • What is gutter What is side of the content pane in the editor. You can use it to quickly locate items in a file. A gutter can display numbers, errors and warning

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Apple Gutter, Gss-Api, Groups & Files List, Group List, Group Box, Group, Graphics World, Graphics State, Graphics Port, Graphics Mode, Graphics Context, Graph OS Mac.

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