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Justification Priority, Justification Override, Justification Gap, Justification, Jsp, Jpeg.

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  • What is Jvm What is environment for executing Java code. This environment includes a just-in-time bytecode compiler and utility code
  • What is J2Ee What is specification that defines a platform for the development and deployment of web applications. It describes an environment under which
  • What is Jamo What is An individual phonetic glyph in the Korean script that is transformed and combined into clusters called Hangul
  • What is Jar What is jar utility (and saved with the .jar extension) that contains all the files that make up a Java application
  • What is Java What is A development environment for creating applications that can be seen in both standalone and networked environments
  • What is Client Java What is allows you to create graphical user interface applications that run on the user’s computer and communicate with a WebObjects server
  • What is Classes Foundation Java What is See JFC
  • What is Javamonitor What is deployed WebObjects applications capable of handling multiple applications, application instances, and applications hosts at the same time
  • What is Interface Native Java What is See source file
  • What is Machine Virtual Java What is See source group
  • What is Jaxp What is Java API for XML Processing. A specification that provides an API for processing XML documents
  • What is Jboss What is server capable of deploying J2EE-based applications. JBoss provides many useful features in addition those defined in the J2EE standard
  • What is Jdbc What is Java Database Connectivity. An interface between Java platforms and databases
  • What is Adaptor Jdbc What is A datasource adaptor that allows WebObjects applications to connect to JDBC-compliant database management systems
  • What is Jfc What is Java Foundation Classes. A set of graphical user interface components and services written in Java. The component set is known as Swing
  • What is Jitter What is the clock signal or clock component in a digital signal stream. In digital audio, jitter can result in audible distortion
  • What is Jms What is programming interface that implements an asynchronous message-exchange system. It facilitates the development of message-based applications
  • What is Jni What is Java Native Interface. A technology for bridging C-based code with Java
  • What is Ticket Job What is The top-level ticket used for a print job. See also ticket
  • What is Join What is that provides access to data from two tables at the same time, based on values contained in related columns
  • What is Thread Joinable What is reclaimed immediately upon termination. Joinable threads must be explicitly detached or be joined by another thread before the resources
  • What is Jpeg What is international standard for compressing still images. This standard supplies the algorithm for image compression. The version of JPEG
  • What is Jsp What is facilitates the development of dynamic web pages and web applications that use existing components, such as JavaBeans and WebObjects
  • What is Justification What is The process of typographically expanding or compressing a line of text to fit a text width
  • What is Gap Justification What is The difference in the length of a line before and after justification
  • What is Override Justification What is The degree to which a text layout system should override justification behavior for glyphs in a style run
  • What is Priority Justification What is The priority order in which classes of glyphs are processed during justification

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Apple Justification Priority, Justification Override, Justification Gap, Justification, Jsp, Jpeg, Joinable Thread, Join, Job Ticket, Jni, Jms, Jitter, Jfc, Jdbc OS Mac.

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