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Nyquist Frequency, Nvram, Nurbs, Number, Nub, Ntsc, Nsxmloutputstream, Nsxmloutputformat, Notify.

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  • What is File Nib What is Builder that contains information required to create user interface objects (windows, controls, and menus). Nib files contain binary data
  • What is Name What is represented in a document URL object. For documents that are on-disk files, the name should correspond to the actual filename. For other
  • What is Obszar Named What is In Mach, a form of named memory entry that provides a form of memory sharing
  • What is Port Name What is nonprivileged operations against an object (for example, obtaining information about the object). In effect, it provides a name for the
  • What is Form Reference Name What is In AppleScript, a reference form that specifies an object by name—that is, by the value of its name property
  • What is Entry Memory Named What is A handle (a port) to a mappable object backed by a memory manager. The object can be a region or a memory object
  • What is Namespace What is An agreed-upon context in which names (identifiers) can be defined. Within a given namespace, all names must be unique
  • What is Nat What is that transforms network packets at a gateway so network addresses that are valid on one side of the gateway are translated into addresses
  • What is National Television Mechanizm Committee What is See serif
  • What is Type Curve Native What is The curve type—cubic or quadratic—used by a font designer to specify a font
  • What is Bar Navigation What is text editor that contains a number of controls that you can use to move between open files, jump to symbols, and open related files
  • What is Justification Negative What is A layout in which the glyphs on a line do not naturally fit within the line width set by the developer
  • What is Statement Control Nested What is In AppleScript, a control statement that is contained within another control statement
  • What is Netinfo What is database and information retrieval system for OS X. Many OS X services consult the NetInfo database for their configuration information
  • What is Network What is A group of hosts that can communicate with each other
  • What is Extension Kernel Network What is See NKE
  • What is Nfs What is sharing protocol used by UNIX systems. An NFS file server allows users on the network to share files on other hosts as if they were on
  • What is Document Nib What is file. Nib documents are the primary document type of the Interface Builder application. The on-disk representation of a nib document is a
  • What is Nke What is KEXT that provides a way to extend and modify the networking infrastructure of OS X dynamically without recompiling or relinking the kernel
  • What is Nmi What is produced by a particular keyboard sequence or button that cannot be blocked in software. It can be used to interrupt a hung system—for
  • What is Nobody What is To prevent someone running as root or as an administrator on one system from gaining control over another system through a network
  • What is Node What is processing graph . Each node has one or more inputs and outputs that must be connected to other audio units. See also head node . (2) A
  • What is File Nodes What is hierarchical structure of the documentation set. It defines the table of contents that users see in the browser view of the Xcode
  • What is Noise What is a communication channel included with the signal that the channel is carrying. See also noise floor , quantization noise . Compare
  • What is Floor Noise What is communication channel when no signal is present, typically measured as a scalar, absolute level in decibels relative to a standard level
  • What is Features Noncontextual What is Features that are applied in the same manner to a glyph regardless of the adjacent glyphs. Compare contextual features
  • What is Type Feature Nonexclusive What is A feature for which you can enable any number of feature selectors at once. Compare exclusive feature type
  • What is Premultiplied Non What is processing the alpha channel of a pixel. Instead of performing the alpha blend for each pixel, the alpha value is premultiplied to each of
  • What is Window Nonretained What is A window without an offscreen buffer for screen pixel values
  • What is Message Nonsimple What is In Mach, a message that contains either a reference to a port or a pointer to data. Compare simple message
  • What is nonzero winding number rule What is paint a pixel. The outcome depends on the direction that path segments are drawn. Compare with even-odd rule
  • What is Notification What is interested recipients (observers) that some event has occurred during program execution. The observers can be users, other processes, or
  • What is Port Notify What is task. A task’s notify port receives messages from the kernel advising the task of changes in port access rights and of the status of
  • What is Nsxmloutputformat What is WebObjects class that encapsulates format properties for an NSXMLOutputStream object
  • What is Nsxmloutputstream What is WebObjects class that serializes objects and data into XML documents
  • What is Ntsc What is color-encoding standard adopted by the committee in 1953. It was the first monochrome-compatible, simultaneous color transmission system
  • What is Nub What is detected, controllable entity such as a device or logical service. A nub may represent a bus, disk, graphics adaptor, or any number of
  • What is Number What is In AppleScript, a synonym for the classes integer and real
  • What is Nurbs What is Non-uniform rational B-spline. A methodology use to specify parametric curves and surfaces
  • What is Nvram What is Nonvolatile RAM. RAM storage that retains its state even when the power is off. See also RAM
  • What is Frequency Nyquist What is be faithfully recorded for a given sampling rate. Attempts to sample a signal containing higher frequencies results in the generation of an

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