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Apple Mac OS developers glossary letter O

  • What is obiekt What is definition file, a tag-delimited unit of data. (2) In Core Audio, an audio unit programming context nested within a scope. When part of an
  • What is object graph What is In WebObjects, the graph of objects (especially enterprise object instances) that are contained by EOEditingContext objects
  • What is Organizer action What is A predefined or custom task that Xcode performs on a directory
  • What is object What is programming unit that groups together a data structure (fields) and the operations (methods) that can use or affect that data. Objects are
  • What is object containment hierarchy What is objects in a running application. AppleScript and Cocoa scripting depend on the object containment hierarchy to locate the objects on which
  • What is object conversion What is See coercion
  • What is object file What is data. Object files in the Mach-O executable format take the suffix.oand are the product of compilation using the GNU compiler ( gcc
  • What is object-first command What is a specified method of each specified receiver. With an object-first command, objects perform the specified action on themselves. Compare
  • What is Objective-C What is based on standard C and a runtime system that implements the dynamic functions of the language. The few Objective-C extensions to the C
  • What is object-relational mapping What is transforming Entity-Relationship models to an object-oriented programming framework. Enterprise Objects performs object-relational mapping
  • What is object specifier What is the information needed to find another object in terms of the objects in which it is contained. Cocoa scripting makes use of object
  • What is object track What is A track in a QuickTime VR movie that contains a set of views of a VR object
  • What is object wrapper What is interface for a set of procedural interfaces. Some Cocoa objects wrap Carbon interfaces to provide parallel functionality between Cocoa and
  • What is offset-binary encoding What is that represents the range of amplitude values as an unsigned number, with the midpoint of the range representing silence. For example, an 8
  • What is offsets What is values. In ATSUI, offsets are in Unichars units and are typically used to specify starting and ending points for a string of text
  • What is Ogg What is multimedia, including Ogg Vorbis for lossy compression of audio at medium-to-high bit rates, and Ogg FLAC for lossless audio
  • What is Ogg FLAC What is codec. Ogg FLAC typically compresses CD audio by 50% with no data loss. FLAC is an acronym for Free Lossless Audio Codec. See also lossless
  • What is Ogg Vorbis What is A free, open source, lossy audio codec intended to compete with MP3
  • What is OHCI What is Open Host Controller Interface. The register-level standards that are used by most USB and FireWire controller chips
  • What is one-shot timer What is A Carbon event timer that fires only once. See also event timer
  • What is one-time pad authentication What is in which both parties have an identical list of pairs of numbers, words, or symbols and each pair is used only once
  • What is op code What is passed to a function that determines how the function should operate. These are not used in the Carbon Printing Manager. Accessor functions
  • What is opaque type What is aggregate data type plus a suite of functions that operate on instances of that type. The individual fields of an initialized opaque type
  • What is open What is To launch or activate an application or to present a document or URL for viewing or editing within an application
  • What is OpenCL What is Open Computing Language. A standards-based technology for performing general-purpose computations on a computer’s graphics processor
  • What is OpenGL What is wide standard for developing portable 2D and 3D graphics applications. OpenGL consists of an API and libraries that developers use to
  • What is OpenGL buffer What is in graphics card memory. In Core Video, you manipulate OpenGL buffers using the CVOpenGLBufferRef type, which is a wrapper around the
  • What is OpenGL texture What is wrap onto primitives. In Core Video, you manipulate OpenGL textures using the CVOpenGLTextureRef type, which is a wrapper around the
  • What is Open Scripting Architecture What is See OSA
  • What is open source What is access to source code, redistribution, modification, and derived works. The full definition is available athttp://www.opensource.org
  • What is Open Transport What is for implementing network protocols and other communication features on computers running the Mac OS. Open Transport provides a set of
  • What is operand What is An expression from which an operator derives a value
  • What is operation What is an expression that contains an operator. (2) In WebObjects, a specific process or task that a web service implements. Much like Java
  • What is operation object What is An instance of the NSOperation class. Operation objects wrap the code and data associated with a task into an executable unit
  • What is operation queue What is An instance of the NSOperationQueue class. Operation queues manage the execution of operation objects
  • What is operator What is a value from another value or pair of values. In Search Kit, operators include AND , OR , NOT , parentheses, quotation marks, and several
  • What is optical alignment What is The fine adjustment of glyph positions at the ends of lines to give a more even visual appearance to margins
  • What is optional parameter What is In AppleScript, a parameter that need not be included for a command to be successful
  • What is order What is equation. For example, the equation x 2 + x + 1 has an order of 3 because there are three distinct factors in the equation ( x 2, x, and x
  • What is ordered tasks What is that are the outputs of other tasks or outputs that are the inputs of other tasks. Compare unordered tasks
  • What is Organizer item What is In Xcode, a representation of a directory in the file system; these items are like symbolic links or folder references
  • What is OSA What is and extensible mechanism for interapplication communication in OS X. Implemented by a number of OS X frameworks and subframeworks
  • What is osacompile What is A shell tool for compiling script files
  • What is outlet What is A pointer to another object that can be set in Interface Builder. Applications use outlets to store references to objects in nib files
  • What is out-of-band What is that relates to the operation of the socket or interface rather than data destined for the endpoint (for example, ioctl and getsockopt
  • What is out-of-line data What is Data that is passed by reference in a Mach message, rather than being included in the message. Compare in-line data
  • What is output audio queue What is See audio queue
  • What is Output Options pane What is A pane in the Print dialog that provides an option to save a print job as a file
  • What is output unit What is Output units can start and stop the flow of audio data in the signal chain. Examples include the default output unit and the AUHAL . See
  • What is outside property What is occurs outside of any handlers or nested script objects. Similarly, an outside variable or an outside statement occurs outside of handlers
  • What is owner What is See UID
  • What is obszar code What is regions for restricting DVD-Video playback. The world has been divided into eight separate regions to accommodate the varying release
  • What is obszar of interest What is See Security Server

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