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  • What is Fully Qualified Domain Name Definition FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name. The full name assigned to an individual computer on a network. Consists of the hostname (i.e. the computer name) prefixed to the domain name compare
  • What is File Transfer Protocol with SSL security Explain FTPS File Transfer Protocol with SSL security. Similar to standard FTP but performs operations over an encrypted link (SSL) and is thus said to be secure. cf SFTP what does it mean
  • What is Free Software Foundation project, GNU's not Unix What is quot;GNU's not Unix". An ongoing project by the Free Software Foundation to create a free, freely distributable, set of UNIX like utilities. Relevant links: www.gnu.org how works
  • What is Fibre Distributed Data Interface Meaning FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Interface. One type of LAN technology why
  • What is Foundation Software Free Abbreviation FSF Free Software Foundation. See also GNU determines
  • What is 2002 Frontpage How to FP2002 Common abbreviation for Microsoft FrontPage 2002. cf FrontPage (FP comparing to
  • What is Functional Specification / Feasibility Specification Help Functional Specification defines what a system needs to do. It may also define how the system needs to perform its task, but depending on the nature of the system it frequently will not need to cover depends on
  • What is Feature Manipulation Engine / Formal Methods Europe Crossword integrated collection of spatial tools for data transformation and translation (spatial ETL tools). Relevant links: www.safe.com/products/fme/index.php - FME, Feature Manipulation Engine from S which
  • What is Controller Disk Floppy Examples FDC Floppy Disk Controller. The subsystem of a computer that controls and provides an interface to the floppy disk drive difference
  • What is Effects Exchange Foreign Encyclopedia the foreign exchange market, where currencies are bought and sold. 2. Short for "Effects", .sometimes used as an abbreviation for "Special Effects" when
  • What is Flashdevelop Information about FD FlashDevelop. Open source ActionScript editor (written in C#).Relevant links: www.flashdevelop.org - Homepage for the FlashDevelop community pros and cons
  • What is Organisation Services Financial Tutorial FSO Financial Services Organisation similarities
  • What is Fair Use Policy / Follow UP Error FUP 1. Fair Use Policy. 2. Follow UP what better
  • What is Flexible Single Master Operation Answer FSMO Flexible Single-Master Operation how much
  • What is Fault tolerance by maintaining two copies Means what strategy in which two identical copies of disk partitions are maintained on different disks (or sets of disks). The theory is that if one disk fails then the system can continue operating because how many
  • What is Unit Point Floating Description separate chip from the CPU designed specifically for performing floating point calculations (also known as a numeric co-processor). In modern processors the FPU is often incorporated into the CP what to do
  • What is Second Per Frames Definition for video animations or recordings to indicate the number of complete frames (pictures or still-clips) per second. FPS may also be used in data communications where frame is taken to mean a block of compare
  • What is Freedom Of Information Act Explain in some countries which gives the public right of access to government documents. Some restrictions may apply, such as whether sensitive documents may remain classified for a certain length or time what does it mean
  • What is Record The For What is FTR Chat abbreviation: For The Record how works
  • What is Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt / Frustrate, Undermine and Demoralize Meaning FUD can be used to describe any process that seeks to advantage through the use of fear, uncertainty and doubt. The classic example of FUD is a method used by sales or marketing departments to why
  • What is F*** Off And Die Abbreviation Die. Meaning go away, not wanted. A term of abuse, not a friendly term. Often used in response to abusive or troll like behaviour or spam message postings to newsgroups.Also sometimes abbreviated to determines
  • What is Front Page Server Extensions How to of programs which run on a web server to extend the capabilities of the web server, to support features that originated from Microsoft FrontPage. FPSE should be considered to have reached the end of comparing to
  • What is Bus Side Front Help FSB Front Side Bus depends on
  • What is Function pointer in .NET Crossword Delegate Pointer to a function in .NET which
  • What is Field Programmable Gate Array Examples semiconductor device for processing digital information, in which the behaviour of the device is not set but can be programmed by an engineer. This makes it very useful for rapid development of new difference
  • What is FrontPage / Function Point / Floating Point / FreeProxy Encyclopedia FrontPage, a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Microsoft are no longer developing FrontPage and it has been superseded by Microsoft Expression Web (EW). 2. Function Point. A metric for measuring the size and when
  • What is Forward Firewall Information about FW 1. Abbreviation for Firewall. 2. Forward (or Forwarded). Often used as a prefix to an e-mail subject ("FW:") to indicate that the email has been forwarded pros and cons
  • What is Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition / Fouled Up Beyond All Repair Tutorial All Recognition. Term used to indicate that something is all messed up and not working. 2. Fouled (or F**ked) Up Beyond All Repair. Essentially the same as the above, but with the different emphasis similarities
  • What is For What Its Worth Error FWIW Abbreviation: For What Its Worth what better
  • What is Information Your For Answer FYI Abbreviation: For Your Information. An abbreviation often used on emails or forwarded material to indicate that what is being forwarded is for information and does not necessarily require action how much
  • What is Authentication Based Forms Means what FBA Forms Based Authentication how many
  • What is Free For All Links Description FFAL Free For All Links. Also known as FFA what to do
  • What is Free of Charge / Functional Operating Capability / Full OperatingCapability / Firm Order Confirmation Definition FOC 1. Free Of Charge. 2. Functional Operating Capability. 3. Full Operating Capability. 4. Firm Order Confirmation compare
  • What is Floppy Disk Drive / Feature Driven Process Explain FDD 1. Floppy Disk Drive. 2. Feature Driven Process what does it mean
  • What is Specification Design Functional What is FDS Functional Design Specification.Also known as a Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) or simply Functional Specification (FS). See FS for details how works
  • What is Friend Of A Friend (account) Meaning referring to a story or account which is told as having happened to a friend of a friend. Such accounts cannot generally be confirmed, and are often little more than urban legends why
  • What is Free and Open Source Software Abbreviation FOSS Free and Open Source Software. Taken as any software which is open source and for which there is no cost or license fee attached determines
  • What is Block Control File How to in the first version of MS-DOS. Because FCBs predate a hierarchical directory structure they can only be used with files in the current directory. Superseded for most purposes by file handles comparing to
  • What is Form Feed / FireFox / Freeze Frame Help decimal, or 0D hex). On text printers this would result in the current sheet being ejected. On text displays it would cause the display to be cleared (depending the equipment this might be the same depends on
  • What is Fine Grained Audit / Frequently Given Answer Crossword FGA 1. Fine Grained Audit (or Auditing). In an Oracle database FGA provides a means of specifying detailed conditions that trigger an audit event. 2. Frequently Given Answer. Similar to FAQ which
  • What is Fully Qualified Object Name Examples FQON Fully Qualified Object Name. The four parts of an object's name - its server, its instance, its owner and its name difference
  • What is First Page Out Time Encyclopedia required by a printer to print the first page. Most laser printers take time to warm up and the FPOT time is therefore the time to warm up plus the time to print the page. Subsequent pages will be when
  • What is Protocol Transfer File Information about protocol used for transferring files across networks. cf SFTP, PASV. FTP can be used to transfer files from an FTP client (i.e. the software that runs locally on a computer) and an FTP server pros and cons
  • What is Questions Asked Frequently Tutorial Normally used to refer to a published list of frequently (or commonly) asked questions with answers.In practice FAQs are sometimes lists of questions that the author anticipated that people would similarities
  • What is Free For All (link farm) Error abbreviation typically used when referring to "link farms" there are where you can get your site listed (typically along with thousands of others) that have no common theme just with the what better
  • What is Functional Requirements Specification / File Replication Service / FrameRelay Service Answer Specification. Another name for a Functional Specification. Also abbreviated to Functional Specification (FS). 2. File Replication Service. A service on Windows (2000 and later) Servers the is how much
  • What is Fully Buffered Dual In-line Memory Module Means what FBDIMM Fully Buffered Dual In-line Memory Module how many
  • What is Table Allocation File Description FAT File Allocation Table. More commonly referred to as FAT16 following the advent of FAT32. Uses 16-bit addressing. DOS and Windows 3.x machines commonly use FAT16 what to do
  • What is Package Product Full Definition FPP Full Product Package compare
  • What is Federal Information Processing Standard Explain Standard. A set of standards and guidelines developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for US government agency use. Relevant links: http://www.itl.nist.gov/fipspubs what does it mean
  • What is Win The For What is FTW For The Win. Internet slang used to describe something that is really good - a likely winner how works
  • What is First-In First-Out Meaning buffer in which the first (or earliest) items added to the queue are the first items removed from the queue (and processed). A common example of a FIFO is a queue - in a queue items are added to one why

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