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  • What is Line-of-Business (application) Definition Used to refer to a business critical application, i.e. an application that is essential to the trading or survival of a business.Normally written as "LOB app" or "LOB application" compare
  • What is Query Integrated Language Explain allows SQL statements to be integrated allowing them to be used as though they are part of the chosen software development language. LINQ is the term used to describe Microsoft's implementation of why
  • What is Diode Emitting Light What is found on many items of equipment, typically used to indicate activity or that something is switched on. Cheap and low power. Typically red in colour (because these are cheaper to produce) but how better
  • What is Number Adapter Lan Meaning IBM NetBIOS 3.0 specification) used to specify a specific network adapter. Later extended by Microsoft to indicate a specific network transport on a specific adapter. Relevant links: http://suppor when
  • What is League for Programming Freedom / Leisure Property Forum Abbreviation LPF 1. League for Programming Freedom. Relevant links: - League for Programming Freedom homepage. 2. Leisure Property Forum determines
  • What is Level of detail / Lines of Documentation / Law of Demeter How to practise of geographic systems displaying varying levels of detail depending on the level of zoom to prevent a (map) display from being too cluttered. 2. Lines of Documentation. 3. Law of Demeter comparing to
  • What is List of disapproved items Help Black List A list of disapproved people, companies or items.Normally written as blacklist (i.e. without a space). See blacklist for details depends on
  • What is Open Tape Linear Crossword developed by IBP, HP and Seagate. LTO was originally developed as an alternative to DLT. Unlike DLT, LTO uses an open standard. LTO has generally replaced DLT as a preferred means of tape storage which
  • What is Than Less Examples scripting) languages use "LT" to mean Less-Than instead of using the more conventional "<" symbol. Fortran and Windows batch scripts both use the LT operator difference
  • What is Display Crystal Liquid Encyclopedia LCD Liquid Crystal Display. cf CRT when
  • What is Latin based fake placeholder text Information about the printing and typesetting industry. It is based on Latin and is the printing industry's standard for fake, dummy, placeholder text. It is used principally where the layout of a page needs to be r pros and cons
  • What is Less than or Equal to / Language Engineering / Limited Edition Tutorial programming (or scripting) languages use "LE" to mean Less-than-or-Equal-to instead of using the more conventional "<=" symbol. Fortran and Windows batch scripts both use the LE similarities
  • What is Lempel-Ziv-Welsh (compression) Error Kenneth Nellis. A loss-less compression algorithm developed by Abraham Lempel, Jacoz Ziv (called LZ77) and later improved upon by Terry Welch. The abbreviation LZW (also known as LZ78) comes fro how much
  • What is Low order byte first Answer Little-Endian In a multi-byte data type, little-endian indicates that the low order byte comes first (i.e. in the lowest address). cf big-endian how many
  • What is Link to a page on another website other than its home page Means what another website that is not that site's home page. Any link to a page other than a website's home page is technically a deep link. The term "deep linking" is typically used by affiliate compare
  • What is LDAP Data Interchange Format. Description ASCII file format for the exchange of data between LDAP servers (such as servers running Windows Active Directory).On Windows servers a command line application called "LDIFDE" is provided why
  • What is Location Services / List files Definition LS 1. Location Services. 2. UNIX command line command to list files how better
  • What is Low Voltage Differential (device) Explain LVD supports SCSI data transfer rates of up to 80MB/sec, up to 16 devices and cable lengths of up to 25 meters with one device or 12 meters with 16 devices attached. Relevant links: www.seagate when
  • What is Least Significant Bit (or Byte) What is LSB 1. Least Significant Bit. cf MSB. Contributed by Kenneth Nellis. 2. Least Significant Byte, of a multi-byte value determines
  • What is Account User Limited Meaning account that lacks any (or all) administrative rights. cf Administrator Account (AC). It is generally recommended that a Limited User Account be used for day to day activities and an Administrator comparing to
  • What is Network Area Local Abbreviation speed network, normally confined to a single geographic area, allowing communications at either 10Mbps, 100Mbps or (rarely but up-coming) 1000Mbps. cf WAN. LANs are typically implemented using depends on
  • What is Location Based Services / Pounds How to LBS 1. Location Based Services. 2. Abbreviation for pounds, an imperial unit of weight. 1lb = 0.453523kg, or 1kg = 2.204226lbs. For most working purposes 1kg=2.2lbs. 14lbs=1stone (in imperial units which
  • What is Protocol Control Link Help LCP Link Control Protocol difference
  • What is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Crossword Protocol. An implementation of the industry standard X.500 directory protocol developed for PCs and the internet. Unlike X.500, LDAP is designed for IP, has a small footprint, is simple to implement when
  • What is Language Processing List Examples Lisp An old, procedure oriented, programming language. Lisp stands for LISt Processing (language).  pros and cons
  • What is Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (or Perl or Python) Encyclopedia defined as Linux, Apache, MySQL and Pythor or Perl. The term LAMP is used to describe a web based solution produced using PHP (scripting), MySQL (database), Apache (web-server) under Linux similarities
  • What is Limited / Long Term Disability Information about UK company names often have the suffix "Ltd", meaning "limited liability". 2. Long Term Disability. Someone is said to be on LTD if they are off work with a disability for an ind how much
  • What is Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool Tutorial General term used to describe anything used (or considered) in response to an luser. In slang a LART is jokingly referred to as as anything along the lines of a "large blunt instrument" how many
  • What is Exchange Internet London Error for-profit partnership between ISPs globally, LINX provides a physical interconnection for its members to exchange internet traffic through cooperative peering agreements. Relevant links: www.linx compare
  • What is List of disapproved items (such as people) Answer companies or items. Companies may refuse to deal with individuals or other companies that have been blacklisted. SPAM filters will often maintain a blacklist, which holds e-mail addresses from wh why
  • What is Latin meaning so / Standard Industrial Classification / SharewareIndustry Conference Means what quot;), often inserted after quote "(sic)" to indicate that the quote is an exact copy of the original. 2. Standard Industrial Classification. A system for identifying and classifying bus how better
  • What is User Local Looser Description describe someone who is an annoying, irritating or stupid computer user (or combination thereof). Pronounced "loser". cf LART. 2. Local user. The term originates from an incident at MIT when
  • What is Large and Medium Enterprises Definition lme Large and Medium Enterprises. cf SME determines
  • What is Laughing my ass off Explain LMAO Chat abbreviation: Laughing My Ass off. A common response to an amusing remark. cf LOL comparing to
  • What is Used Recently Least What is that removes the least recently used item from a store when space is required. Many caching algorithms use an LRU algorithm, removing from the cache the least recently used item. For example, many depends on
  • What is Laughing out loud / List of links / List of lists / Lots of love/ Littleold lady Meaning Loud or Laughs Out Loud. Commonly used on newsgroup postings, chat rooms etc in response to something amusing. cf LMAO. 2. List of Links. 3. List of Lists. 4. Lots of Love. Contributed by Denis which
  • What is Zone Machine Local Abbreviation LMZ Local Machine Zone. One of the default security zones that Microsoft's Internet Explorer uses. It includes anything that exists on the local computer (other than cached pages difference
  • What is Process Writer Log How to LGWR In an Oracle database the LoG WriteR process. LGWR writes redo information from the log buffer to the redo log files. LGWR is also responsible for performing checkpoints when
  • What is Last-In First-Out Help other storage structure) in which the next item to be removed is the item most recently added. A common example of a LIFO is a stack - in a stack items are added to the top of a stack and removed fro pros and cons

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Windows Last-In First-Out definition Log Writer process explain Local Machine Zone what is Laughing out loud / List of links / List of lists / Lots of love/ Littleold. explain.

What is Line-of-Business (application) definition Language Integrated Query for developers.