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Universal Transverse Mercator definition Unsolicited Commercial E-mail explain Universal Serial Bus.

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  • What is Group Security Universal Definition USG Universal Security Group compare
  • What is Format Communications Universal Explain UCF is a data format used for communications and presentations across the internet (or other networks). It is a bi-directional communication data format, allowing a presenter to interact with those why
  • What is Framework Listener Universal What is in the same way as a multi-protocol Web server. It works with browsers, monitors communication between applications and uses WAP mobile phones and other wireless devices. It consists of various pre how better
  • What is Locator Resource Uniform Meaning standard way to address any resource on the internet. URLs are expressed as a text string of the form:     protocol://domain-name/pathname Where protocol is any valid protocol, such as http, ftp when
  • What is Using multiple phone lines to increase bandwidth Abbreviation Multilink Dialling The capability of allowing multiple phone lines to be combined into a single logical session, providing an effective increase in network bandwidth determines
  • What is Universal Disc Format / User Defined Function How to format for optical media (such as cds and dvds) which is designed to be supportable by any operating system and not be tied to a single operating system.UDF is defined by ISO/IEC 13346 (also known as comparing to
  • What is Universal Description, Discovery and Integration Help and Integration. A method for finding new Web Services by referring to a central directory. The specification for an index of all available Web services which is comparable to a global Yellow-Pages depends on
  • What is Metrics Font Unidrv Crossword UMF UniDrv Font Metrics which
  • What is Object Network Universal Examples component model used in OpenOffice that provides interoperability between different programming languages, object models on a single machine or across a network (such as the Internet).Relevant links difference
  • What is Universal Data Link / Universal Device List / Uni-Directional Link /User Defined List / User Defined Logic Encyclopedia Universal Device List. 3. Uni-Directional Link. UDL describes network communications which take place in one direction only, for example from a broadcast satellite to a receiver. 4. User Defined List when
  • What is Language Modelling Unified Information about UML Unified Modelling Language. Relevant links: www.uml.org Contributed by Kenneth Nellis pros and cons
  • What is Unspecified Bit Rate / Universal Bandwidth Router / UDDI BusinessRegistry Tutorial UBR 1. Unspecified Bit Rate. No guarantee of available bandwidth. 2. Universal Bandwidth Router. 3. UDDI Business Registry similarities
  • What is Storage Of Unit Error Exabyte Unit of storage. Often abbreviated to EB. 1 exabyte (EB) = 2 to the sixtieth power (260) bytes = 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 bytes = 1024 petabytes = one billion gigabytes.See also zettabyte how much
  • What is Blog A Updating Answer Blogging The activity of updating a blog how many
  • What is Supply Power Uninterruptible Means what battery backup device that supplies AC power automatically in the event of a power failure. There are two basic types of UPS, "stand-by" and "on-line": Stand-by power supply or compare
  • What is Unsolicited e-mail sent out in bulk / To send out spam Description newsgroup posting) sent out in bulk, usually for commercial gain. SPAM can cause considerable problems because it is generated in large volume - both the volume generated by a single spammer and why
  • What is (UK) e-Government Type Encoding Scheme Definition e-GMSTES UK e-Government Type Encoding Scheme. Relevant links: www.govtalk.gov.uk/documents/Encoding_scheme_type_v1_2002_12.pdf how better
  • What is User Datagram Protocol / Usernet Death Penalty Explain UDP sits above IP, but unlike TCP it is a connectionless communications protocol (meaning there is no handshaking between the sender and receiver). It provides a "best-effort" delivery, a when
  • What is Identifier Unique What is generic term used to refer to any form of unique identifier - which can be used to uniquely identify something within the system or context in which it was generated.UID is sometimes used as an abb determines
  • What is Measure Of Unit Meaning UOM Unit Of Measure. For example, miles, kilometres, feet, inches, metres comparing to
  • What is Group Distribution Universal Abbreviation UDG Universal Distribution Group depends on
  • What is Unit of measurement of brightness How to Nit A unit of measurement of brightness - a unit of luminance. One nit is equal to one candela per square meter which
  • What is Uniquely identifying hardware serial number Help address. Hardware serial number that uniquely identifies a device on a local area network (commonly a NIC). (Sometimes also referred to as a NIC's "physical address".) A MAC address is difference
  • What is User Interface / Unsigned integer Crossword used to refer to any type of user interface.cf GUI, CLI. 2. Unsigned integer. This is a generic abbreviation for an unsigned integer, it is generic because it does not indicate the size of the when
  • What is Identifier Resource Uniform Examples URI Uniform Resource Identifier. See URL pros and cons
  • What is Language Exit Universal Encyclopedia UEL Universal Exit Language.The Universal Exit Language command allows a printer to alternate between interpreting PJL commands and printer language commands. cf PJL similarities
  • What is Pair Twisted Unshielded Information about network cable consisting of a twisted pair of cables. A UTP cable can contain multiple pairs of twisted cables. Commonly used for telephone cabling, and 10BaseT and 100BaseT networks how much
  • What is Test Acceptance User Tutorial suite of documented tests, derived from a requirements or functional specification and agreed with a client, that when successfully completed indicate that a produced product is acceptable how many
  • What is On Process Unified Error quot;Up" is usually used to mean "On and working". For example "is the server up?" is a question asking whether the server is working and available. cf Down compare
  • What is Unsolicited Broadcast E-mail Answer UBE Unsolicited Broadcast E-mail. Unsolicited e-mail - otherwise more commonly known as spam why
  • What is Convention Naming Universal Means what Uniform Naming Convention). UNC is used for specifying the location of a resource on a network. It uses the following format: \serversharepath-name where :- server The name of how better
  • What is Architecture Memory Unified Description Architecture which allows an integrated graphics controller to use main memory (via UMA) instead of having its own dedicated graphics memory. Graphics controllers which utilize UMA will therefore be when
  • What is Unique reference number applied to a task Definition WBS Number Number applied to an individual WBS unit or task to provide it with a unique identifying number determines
  • What is Set Character Universal Explain UCS Universal Character Set. Character set defined by ISO 10646, which is a superset of all other character set standards comparing to
  • What is Profile Agent Universal What is UAProf Universal Agent Profile. Provides capability information about a WAP device.  depends on
  • What is Type Defined User Meaning UDT User Defined Type. In software engineering a UDT is a user defined type. It may also be known as s user defined structure or user defined record which
  • What is Bus Serial Universal Abbreviation a single common interface to peripherals and plug-and-play configuration (at the host/pc). The original standard for USB (occasionally referred to as USB 1.0, but normally simply as USB) supp difference
  • What is Unsolicited Commercial E-mail How to UCE Unsolicited Commercial E-mail, i.e. Spam distributed with the aim of commercial gain when
  • What is Mercator Transverse Universal Help map projection system for global mapping. UTM divides the world into 60 zones each of 6 degrees longitude wide, extending from 80 degrees latitude south to 84 degrees latitude North.Relevant links pros and cons

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Windows Universal Transverse Mercator definition Unsolicited Commercial E-mail explain Universal Serial Bus what is User Defined Type meaning Universal Agent Profile. explain.

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