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Definition of logistic regression for developer: potential results are a specific set of categories.


Definition logistic regression

Explain LOGISTIC REGRESSION: A model similar to linear regression but where the potential results are a specific set of categories instead of being continuous. See continuous variable, regression, linear regression.

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Manual Linear Regression:
Meaning for a linear relationship (that is, one where the relationship between two varying amounts, such as price and sales, can be expressed with an equation that you can represent as a straight line on a logistic regression definition.
Manual Latent Variable:
Meaning latent variables (from Latin: present participle of lateo ('lie hidden'),as opposed to observable variables), are variables that are not directly observed but are rather inferred (through a logistic regression explain.
Manual Lift:
Meaning frequency of an observed pattern with how often you’d expect to see that pattern just by chance... If the lift is near 1, then there’s a good chance that the pattern you observed is occurring just by logistic regression what is.
Manual Linear Algebra:
Meaning mathematics dealing with vector spaces and operations on them such as addition and multiplication. “Linear algebra is designed to represent systems of linear equations. Linear equations are designed logistic regression meaning.
Manual Logarithm:
Meaning log(y) = x. Working with the log of one or more of a model's variables, instead of their original values, can make it easier to model relationships with linear functions instead of non-linear logistic regression abbreviation.
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