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Definition of Stata for developer: confused with strata. See also strata, stratified sampling.


Definition Stata

Explain STATA: A commercial statistical software package, not to be confused with strata. See also strata, stratified sampling.

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Manual S Curve:
Meaning showing, for each month since smartphones originally became available, how many people in the US bought their first one. The line would rise slowly at first, when only the early adopters got them stata.
Manual Spatiotemporal Data:
Meaning Time series data that also includes geographic identifiers such as latitude-longitude pairs. See also time series data stata.
Manual SPSS:
Meaning statistical software package, or according to the product home page, “predictive analytics software.”[spss] The product has always been popular in the social sciences. The company, founded in 1968 stata.
Manual Shell:
Meaning computer’s operating system from the command line, you're using its shell. Along with scripting languages such as Perl and Python, Linux-based shell tools (which are either included with or stata.
Manual Support Vector Machine:
Meaning that you want to write a function that draws a line on a two-dimensional x-y graph that separates two different kinds of points—that is, it classifies them into two categories—but you can't stata.
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