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Definition of supervised learning for developer: taught to classify input into specific, known.


Definition supervised learning

Explain SUPERVISED LEARNING: A type of machine learning algorithm in which a system is taught to classify input into specific, known classes. The classic example is sorting email into spam versus ham. See also unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, machine learning.

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Manual Standardized Score:
Meaning score, normal score, z-score. “Transforms a raw score into units of standard deviation above or below the mean. This translates the scores so they can be evaluated in reference to the standard normal supervised learning.
Manual Scripting:
Meaning of a computer language where your program, or script, can be run directly with no need to first compile it to binary code as with with languages such as Java and C. Scripting languages often have supervised learning.
Manual Standard Deviation:
Meaning the variance, and a common way to indicate just how different a particular measurement is from the mean. “An observation more than three standard deviations away from the mean can be considered quite supervised learning.
Manual Schemat:
Meaning a mathematical (or probabilistic) relationship that exists between different variables.”[grus] Because “modeling” can mean so many things, the term “statistical modeling” is often used to more supervised learning.
Manual S Curve:
Meaning showing, for each month since smartphones originally became available, how many people in the US bought their first one. The line would rise slowly at first, when only the early adopters got them supervised learning.
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