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Python, Probability Distribution, Prior Distribution, Principal Component Analysis, Predictive.

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  • Value P definition What is the assumption of no effect or no difference (the null hypothesis), of obtaining a result equal to or more extreme than what was actually
  • Pagerank definition What is importance of something, typically to rank it in a list of search results. “PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a
  • Pandas definition What is A Python library for data manipulation popular with data scientists. See also Python
  • Perceptron definition What is network is the perceptron, which approximates a single neuron with n binary inputs. It computes a weighted sum of its inputs and ‘fires’ if
  • Perl definition What is in pre-Linux UNIX systems. Perl has always been popular for text processing, especially data cleanup and enhancement tasks. See also
  • Table Pivot definition What is lists of data, without requiring you to write a single formula or copy a single cell. But the most notable feature of pivot tables is that
  • Distribution Poisson definition What is usually over a period of time or space, used to help predict the probability of an event. Like the binomial distribution, this is a
  • Distribution Posterior definition What is See prior distribution
  • Analytics Predictive definition What is events, typically to aid in business planning. This incorporates predictive modeling and other techniques. Machine learning might be
  • Modeling Predictive definition What is The development of statistical models to predict future events. See also predictive analytics, model
  • Analysis Component Principal definition What is direction with the most variance and then determines that as the first principal component. This is very similar to how regression works in
  • Distribution Prior definition What is the unknown quantity to be estimated has many plausible values modeled by what's called a prior distribution. Bayesian inference is
  • Distribution Probability definition What is discrete random variable is a listing of all possible distinct outcomes and their probabilities of occurring. Because all possible outcomes
  • Python definition What is 1994 that is popular with people doing data science. Python is noted for ease of use among beginners and great power when used by advanced

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