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Meaning of Collection explanation. What is the conversion of any accounts receivable into cash in.


Collection definition

Meaning COLLECTION: The presentation of a negotiable instrument for payment, or the conversion of any accounts receivable into cash

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Definition Cashier'S Check:
Examples A check drawn directly on a customer's account, making the bank the primary obligor, and assuring firms that the amount will be paid collection.
Definition Cash And Equivalents:
Examples that can be converted into cash immediately, as reported by a company. Usually includes bank accounts and marketable securities, such as government bonds and Banker's Acceptances. Cash collection.
Definition Common-Size Statement:
Examples which all items are expressed as a percentage of a base figure, useful for purposes of analyzing trends and changing relationship among financial statement items. For example, all items in each year collection.
Definition Choice Market:
Examples Applies mainly to international equities. Locked market in London terminology collection.
Definition Commercial Property:
Examples Real estate that produces some sort of income-producing property collection.
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