scoring credit what is
Meaning of Credit scoring explanation. What is characteristics to form a single score to represent.


Credit scoring definition

Meaning CREDIT SCORING: A statistical technique that combines several financial characteristics to form a single score to represent a customer's creditworthiness

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Definition Creditor'S Committee:
Examples A group representing firms that have claims on a company facing bankruptcy or extreme financial difficulty credit scoring definition.
Definition Core Competence:
Examples Primary area of expertise. Narrowly defined fields or tasks at which a company or business excels. Primary areas of specialty credit scoring explain.
Definition Consumer Debenture:
Examples An investment note issued directly to the public by a financial institution credit scoring what is.
Definition Coupon Bond:
Examples A bond featuring coupons that must be presented to the issuer in order to receive interest payments credit scoring meaning.
Definition Carrying Costs:
Examples Costs that increase with increases in the level of investment in current assets credit scoring abbreviation.
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