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Meaning of Derivative security explanation. What is value is derived in part from the value and.


Derivative security definition

Meaning DERIVATIVE SECURITY: A financial security such as an option or future whose value is derived in part from the value and characteristics of another security, the underlying asset

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Definition Delisting:
Examples Removal of a company's security from listing on an exchange because the firm has not abided by specific regulations derivative security.
Definition Deficiency Letter:
Examples Notification from the SEC to a prospective issuer of securities that revisions or additions need to be made to the preliminary prospectus derivative security.
Definition Debtholder:
Examples See: Bondholder derivative security.
Definition Divergence:
Examples When two or more averages or indexes fail to show confirming trends derivative security.
Definition Downgrade:
Examples A negative change in ratings for a stock, or other rated security derivative security.
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