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Meaning of Economic dependence explanation. What is When the costs and/or revenues of one project.


Economic dependence definition

Meaning ECONOMIC DEPENDENCE: When the costs and/or revenues of one project depend on those of another

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Definition Europea, Australia, And Far East Index (EAFE Index):
Examples Stock index, computed by Morgan Stanley Capital International economic dependence.
Definition Extension:
Examples Voluntary arrangements to restructure a firm's debt, under which the payment date is postponed economic dependence.
Definition Effective Duration:
Examples calculated using the approximate duration formula for a bond with an embedded option, reflecting the expected change in the cash flow caused by the option. Measures the responsiveness of a bond' economic dependence.
Definition Elasticity Of An Option:
Examples Percentage change in the value of an option given a 1% change in the value of the option's underlying stock economic dependence.
Definition Economic Income:
Examples Cash flow plus change in present value economic dependence.
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