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Meaning of Held order explanation. What is or take the offer in line) or if the stock can be bought.


Held order definition

Meaning HELD ORDER: Order that must be executed without hesitation (Hit the bid or take the offer in line) or if the stock can be bought or sold at that price (held limit order) in sufficient quantity

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Definition Hot:
Examples Used in the context of general equities. Active, usually with positive price implications held order.
Definition Hunkering Down:
Examples A term used to describe a trader selling off a big position in a stock held order.
Definition Hammering The Market:
Examples Heavy selling of stocks by speculators who think that the stock is overvalued and is about to drop held order.
Definition Hurdle Rate:
Examples The required return in capital budgeting. For example, if a project has an expected rate of return higher than the hurdle rate, the project may be accepted held order.
Definition Highly Leveraged Transaction (HLT):
Examples Bank loan to a highly leveraged firm held order.
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