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Meaning of Hidden load explanation. What is buried in the fine print of a mutual fund prospectus or.


Hidden load definition

Meaning HIDDEN LOAD: A sales charge that is not explicitly disclosed or is buried in the fine print of a mutual fund prospectus or life insurance policy and therefore is not immediately apparent

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Definition Hot Money:
Examples Money that moves across country borders in response to interest rate differences and that moves away when the interest rate differential disappears hidden load.
Definition Home Run:
Examples Large capital gain in a stock in a short period of time hidden load.
Definition Hard Capital Rationing:
Examples A capital budget that under no circumstances can be violated hidden load.
Definition Horizontal Price Movement:
Examples Stock price movement within a narrow price range over an extended period of time which creates the appearance of a relatively straight line on a graph of the stock's price hidden load.
Definition Hammering The Market:
Examples Heavy selling of stocks by speculators who think that the stock is overvalued and is about to drop hidden load.
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