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Meaning of High-grade bond explanation. What is A bond with Triple-A or Double-A rating in Standard.


High-grade bond definition

Meaning HIGH-GRADE BOND: A bond with Triple-A or Double-A rating in Standard & Poor's, or Moody's rating system

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Definition Half-Stock:
Examples Stock, common or preferred, with a $50 par value high-grade bond.
Definition Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE):
Examples Established in 1976, the Hong Kong Futures Exchange (H.K.F.E.) operates futures and options markets in index, stock, interest rate, and foreign exchange products high-grade bond.
Definition Hybrid Annuity:
Examples A type of insurance company investment that combines the benefits of both a fixed annuity and a variable annuity high-grade bond.
Definition Highjacking:
Examples Japanese term for a takeover high-grade bond.
Definition Harvey, Campbell R:
Examples Author of this glossary. Finance professor at Duke University. Author of research on international finance, asset allocation, and emerging markets high-grade bond.
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