auditor independent what is
Meaning of Independent auditor explanation. What is who can provide an accountant's opinion in.


Independent auditor definition

Meaning INDEPENDENT AUDITOR: A certified public accountant operating outside the company who can provide an accountant's opinion

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Definition Insurance:
Examples Guarding against property loss or damage making payments in the form of premiums to an insurance company, which pays an agreed-upon sum to the insured in the event of loss independent auditor.
Definition Information Services:
Examples Organizations that furnish investment and other types of information, such as information that helps a firm monitor its cash position independent auditor.
Definition Initiate Coverage:
Examples 1) Firm is now followed by analysts at a particular securities house; (2) Indication to cover short position by purchasing the underlying stock (this cancels out the short position independent auditor.
Definition Investment Company:
Examples A firm that that invests the funds of investors in securities appropriate for their stated investment objectives in return for a management fee. See also: Mutual fund independent auditor.
Definition Inactive Asset:
Examples Asset not used in a productive manner at all times independent auditor.
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