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Meaning of Misery index explanation. What is used as a political rating or measure of consumer.


Misery index definition

Meaning MISERY INDEX: An index that sums the unemployment and inflation rates, used as a political rating or measure of consumer confidence

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Definition Matched Book:
Examples A bank runs a matched book when the of maturities of its assets and liabilities is distribution equal misery index.
Definition Money Purchase Plan:
Examples A defined benefit contribution plan in which the participant contributes some part and the firm contributes at the same or a different rate. Also called an individual account plan misery index.
Definition Milan Stock Exchange:
Examples The largest regional stock exchange in Italy, facilitating more than 90% of the country's trading volume misery index.
Definition Multiple Listing:
Examples by a broker who is a member of a multiple-listing organization, providing the exclusive right to sell, with the additional authority and obligation to distribute the listing to the other brokers in a misery index.
Definition Manufactured Housing Securities (MHS):
Examples Loans on manufactured homes-that is, factory-built or prefabricated housing, including mobile homes misery index.
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