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Meaning of Step-up bond explanation. What is and then increases to a higher coupon rate. Related.


Step-up bond definition

Meaning STEP-UP BOND: A bond that pays a lower coupon rate for an initial period, and then increases to a higher coupon rate. Related: Deferred-interest bond, payment-in-kind bond

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Definition Single-Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA):
Examples into which an investor makes a lump-sum payment that is invested in either a fixed-return instrument or a variable-return portfolio, which is taxed only when distributions are taken step-up bond definition.
Definition S;P 500 Composite Index:
Examples Index of 500 widely held common stocks that measures the general performance of the market step-up bond explain.
Definition Specialist'S Book:
Examples record maintained by a specialist that includes the specialist's own inventory of securities, market orders to sell short, and limit orders and stop orders that other stock exchange members have step-up bond what is.
Definition Super Sinker Bond:
Examples financing bond, but also any other bond that has long-term coupons but short maturity; the mortgages may be prepaid, and the holders may receive the long-term yield after a short period of time step-up bond meaning.
Definition Swaption:
Examples rate swaps. The buyer of a swaption has the right to enter into an interest rate swap agreement by some specified date in the future. The swaption agreement will specify whether the buyer of the step-up bond abbreviation.
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