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Meaning of Syndicate explanation. What is to loan money in a bank credit (syndicated credit) or to.


Syndicate definition

Meaning SYNDICATE: A group of banks that acts jointly, on a temporary basis, to loan money in a bank credit (syndicated credit) or to underwrite a new issue of bonds

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Definition Snowballing:
Examples of general equities. Process by which the exercise of stop orders in a declining or advancing market causes further downward or upward pressure on prices, thus triggering more stop orders and more syndicate.
Definition Swiss Options And Financial Futures Exchange (SOFFEX):
Examples The Swiss derivatives market with the first fully electronic trading system in the world, now called Eurex Zurich AG syndicate.
Definition Settlement Date:
Examples payment is made to settle a trade. For stocks traded on U.S. exchanges, settlement is currently three business days after the trade. For mutual funds, settlement usually occurs in the U.S. the day syndicate.
Definition Shared Appreciation Mortgage (SAM):
Examples A mortgage with a low rate of interest, offset by giving the lender some portion of the appreciation in the value of the underlying property syndicate.
Definition Simple Prospect:
Examples An investment opportunity in which only two outcomes are possible syndicate.
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