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Meaning of Zabara explanation. What is securities transactions conducted on the principal of.


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Meaning ZABARA: Applies mainly to international equities. Japanese securities transactions conducted on the principal of auction, i.e., (1) price priority in which the selling (buying) order with the lowest (highest) price takes precedence over other orders, and (2) time priority in that an earlier order takes precedence over other orders at the same price

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Definition Z Bond:
Examples A bond on which interest accrues but is not currently paid to the investor but rather is added to the principal balance of the Z bond and becoming payable upon satisfaction of all prior bond classes zabara.
Definition Zombies:
Examples Companies that continue operation while they await merger or closure, even though they are insolvent and bankrupt zabara.
Definition Zero-Base Budgeting (ZBB):
Examples Budgeting method that disregards the previous year's budget in setting a new budget, since circumstances may have changed. Each and every expense must be justified in this system zabara.
Definition Zero-Minus Tick:
Examples Sale that takes place at the same price as the previous sale, but at a lower price than the last different price. Antithesis of zero-plus tick zabara.
Definition Zero-Bracket Amount:
Examples The standard deduction portion of income which is not taxed for taxpayers choosing not to itemize deductions zabara.
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