zero integer programming what is
Meaning of Zero-one integer programming explanation. What is An analytical method that can be used.


Zero-one integer programming definition

Meaning ZERO-ONE INTEGER PROGRAMMING: An analytical method that can be used to determine the solution to a capital rationing problem

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Definition Zero-Coupon Convertible Security:
Examples convertible into the common stock of the issuing company after the stock reaches a certain price, using a put option inherent in the security.Also refers to zero-coupon bonds, which are convertible zero-one integer programming.
Definition Zero Uptick:
Examples Related: Tick-test rules zero-one integer programming.
Definition Zero Prepayment Assumption:
Examples The assumption of payment of scheduled principal and interest with no payments zero-one integer programming.
Definition Zero-Minus Tick:
Examples Sale that takes place at the same price as the previous sale, but at a lower price than the last different price. Antithesis of zero-plus tick zero-one integer programming.
Definition Zabara:
Examples international equities. Japanese securities transactions conducted on the principal of auction, i.e., (1) price priority in which the selling (buying) order with the lowest (highest) price takes zero-one integer programming.
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