assumption prepayment zero what is
Meaning of Zero prepayment assumption explanation. What is The assumption of payment of scheduled.


Zero prepayment assumption definition

Meaning ZERO PREPAYMENT ASSUMPTION: The assumption of payment of scheduled principal and interest with no payments

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Definition Zero-Minus Tick:
Examples Sale that takes place at the same price as the previous sale, but at a lower price than the last different price. Antithesis of zero-plus tick zero prepayment assumption.
Definition Z:
Examples Nasdaq stock symbol indicating that listing is a fifth class of preferred stock, a stub, a certificate representing a limited partnership interest, foreign preferred when issued, or a second class of zero prepayment assumption.
Definition Zero-Beta Portfolio:
Examples A portfolio constructed to have zero systematic risk, similar to the risk-free asset, that is, having a beta of zero zero prepayment assumption.
Definition Zero-Base Budgeting (ZBB):
Examples Budgeting method that disregards the previous year's budget in setting a new budget, since circumstances may have changed. Each and every expense must be justified in this system zero prepayment assumption.
Definition Zero-Bracket Amount:
Examples The standard deduction portion of income which is not taxed for taxpayers choosing not to itemize deductions zero prepayment assumption.
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