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What is active build configuration in Mac OS: target and any targets it depends upon. See also.


active build configuration definition

Explanation ACTIVE BUILD CONFIGURATION: The build configuration Xcode uses to build the active target and any targets it depends upon. See also build configuration

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Help Administrator:
Usage group. The user who installs OS X is automatically assigned to the admin group. An administrator has fewer privileges than root, but more privileges than a normal user. An administrator cannot active build configuration definition.
Help Alpha Channel:
Usage to representing how opaque a given pixel is. Unlike the red, green, and blue channels, which specify the intensity of their respective colors, the alpha channel specifies the opacity of the entire active build configuration explain.
Help Application ID:
Usage identifies an iPhone application or a set of iPhone applications from one vendor. They are similar to bundle identifiers. This is an example application ID: active build configuration what is.
Help AppleScript Object:
Usage A distinct object in an application or its documents that can be specified in a script active build configuration meaning.
Help Authorization Reference:
Usage A reference used by the Security Server to access an authorization session associated with a process active build configuration abbreviation.
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