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What is active extension in Mac OS: registered with Launch Services. Compare valid extension. Apple.


active extension definition

Explanation ACTIVE EXTENSION: A filename extension claimed by at least one application registered with Launch Services. Compare valid extension

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Help AppleTalk:
Usage A suite of network protocols that is standard on Macintosh computers and can be integrated with other network systems, such as the Internet active extension.
Help Animation Proxy:
Usage An object that stands in for another object and provides animation capabilities without significantly impacting the original object’s API active extension.
Help AppleScript Kit:
Usage A framework that supplies advanced Cocoa scripting support and other features required by AppleScript Studio active extension.
Help AES Encryption:
Usage Standard encryption. A Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), described in FIPS publication 197. AES has been adopted by the US government for the protection of sensitive, nonclassified active extension.
Help ARB:
Usage Architecture Review Board. This group oversees the OpenGL specification and extensions to it active extension.
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