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What is aggregate target in Mac OS: dependent on each other, that does not produce a product or.


aggregate target definition

Explanation AGGREGATE TARGET: In Xcode, a combination of targets, not necessarily dependent on each other, that does not produce a product or contain build rules or information property list entries. An aggregate target exists so that you can make it dependent on other targets. The build system builds the targets that the aggregate target depends on sequentially or in parallel

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Help Anchor Certificate:
Usage certificate trusted to be valid, which can then be used to verify other certificates. Anchor certificates can include root certificate s, cross certified certificates (that is, certificates signed aggregate target definition.
Help Access Control List:
Usage See ACL aggregate target explain.
Help Active Driver:
Usage A device driver that implements advanced power management tasks, such as determining device idleness and performing pre-shutdown tasks. Compare passive driver aggregate target what is.
Help Axial Gradient:
Usage A fill that varies along an axis between two defined end points. All points that lie on a line perpendicular to the axis have the same color value. Also called a linear gradient aggregate target meaning.
Help Animation:
Usage A visual technique that provides the illusion of motion by displaying a collection of images in rapid sequence aggregate target abbreviation.
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