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What is AppleScript Kit in Mac OS: and other features required by AppleScript Studio. Apple Kit.


AppleScript Kit definition

Explanation APPLESCRIPT KIT: A framework that supplies advanced Cocoa scripting support and other features required by AppleScript Studio

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Help AppleScript Object Schemat:
Usage structure that, for a given application, specifies the classes of objects a scripter can work with in scripts, the accessible properties of those objects, and the inheritance and containment applescript kit definition.
Help Application-Modal:
Usage A window state where the user cannot do anything else within the application until the window is dismissed. Compare document-modal , system modal applescript kit explain.
Help Action Button:
Usage The button that confirms the message text in a dialog. The action button is in the lower-right corner of a dialog. It is often, but not always, the default button applescript kit what is.
Help Active End:
Usage The point at which the user releases the mouse button when selecting a range of text or other items. Compare anchor point applescript kit meaning.
Help Accelerate Framework:
Usage An OS X framework that serves as a container for several other frameworks related to optimization and high performance applescript kit abbreviation.
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