category session audio what is
What is audio session category in Mac OS: See category. Apple Category Session Audio in computers.


audio session category definition

Explanation AUDIO SESSION CATEGORY: See category

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Help ARB:
Usage Architecture Review Board. This group oversees the OpenGL specification and extensions to it audio session category definition.
Help Automator Action:
Usage A loadable bundle that performs discrete tasks that users can link together in a workflow using the Automator application audio session category explain.
Help AFP:
Usage Apple Filing Protocol. A file-sharing protocol, used by AppleShare servers and clients audio session category what is.
Help Auto-Repeat:
Usage users produce numerous instances of the same character by holding down its key rather than pressing the key over and over. Users can make adjustments to this feature in Keyboard & Mouse preferences audio session category meaning.
Help AIAT:
Usage Access Toolkit. In Classic Mac OS, an object-oriented information access engine that contained a collection of tools for indexing, searching, and analyzing large volumes of documents. Search Kit is audio session category abbreviation.
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