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What is authorization reference in Mac OS: A reference used by the Security Server to access an.


authorization reference definition

Explanation AUTHORIZATION REFERENCE: A reference used by the Security Server to access an authorization session associated with a process

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Help AUGraph:
Usage See audio processing graph authorization reference definition.
Help AIFF:
Usage File Format. A digital audio file format developed by Apple, Inc., based on the Interchange File Format (IFF) developed by Electronic Arts, Inc. The audio data in an AIFF file is uncompressed, big authorization reference explain.
Help ARB:
Usage Architecture Review Board. This group oversees the OpenGL specification and extensions to it authorization reference what is.
Help API:
Usage programming interface. A set of classes, protocols, methods, functions, and data structures that define the interface (calling convention) by which an application program accesses a service. This authorization reference meaning.
Help Attachment:
Usage A Core Foundation object associated with a video frame. This attachment, specified by a key-value pair, can hold any sort of information relevant to the frame, such as a timestamp authorization reference abbreviation.
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