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What is build setting title in Mac OS: The label used to display the build setting in the Xcode.


build setting title definition

Explanation BUILD SETTING TITLE: The label used to display the build setting in the Xcode user interface

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Help Bytecode:
Usage code that is processed by a virtual machine. The virtual machine converts generalized machine instructions into specific machine instructions (instructions that a computer’s processor can understand build setting title definition.
Help Build Phase:
Usage In Xcode, a set of operations performed on a group of files as part of building a product build setting title explain.
Help Blit:
Usage Slang for copying an image from memory to the screen build setting title what is.
Help BOM:
Usage A file in an installer package used by the Installer to determine which files to install, remove, or upgrade. It contains all the files within a directory, along with information about each file such build setting title meaning.
Help Backing Store:
Usage A file in which the Virtual Memory Manager stores the contents of unneeded pages of memory build setting title abbreviation.
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