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What is Copies & Pages pane in Mac OS: number of copies and the range of pages to be printed. Apple.


Copies & Pages pane definition

Explanation COPIES & PAGES PANE: A pane in the Print dialog that lets the user set the number of copies and the range of pages to be printed

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Help Channel:
Usage audio. A monaural recording or live performance has exactly one channel. A stereo recording or live performance has two channels. A multitrack recording or performance can have any number of copies & pages pane.
Help Composition:
Usage In Quartz Composer, a collection of interconnected patches that describe a data flow copies & pages pane.
Help Clipboard:
Usage also known as the pasteboard) that enables the transfer of data between applications, including the Finder. This server is shared by all running applications and contains data that the user has cut copies & pages pane.
Help Composite SDK:
Usage A group of additional SDKs used by a target. Xcode creates and caches the composite at build time copies & pages pane.
Help Composition Repository:
Usage a central location for storing compositions. Any application can, using the Quartz Composer framework, query the repository for specific types of compositions or browse the repository to see what’s copies & pages pane.
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