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What is default pager in Mac OS: handles nonpersistent (anonymous) memory. See also anonymous.


default pager definition

Explanation DEFAULT PAGER: In Mach, one of the built-in pagers. The default pager handles nonpersistent (anonymous) memory. See also anonymous memory , pager , vnode pager

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Help Drag Area:
Usage The portion of a window that users can use to move the window default pager definition.
Help Dynamic Range:
Usage for an audio device or system that describes the difference between the loudest and softest signal that can appear at the output of the device. Dynamic range is equal to the ratio of dynamic ceiling default pager explain.
Help Data Fork:
Usage In a Macintosh file, the section that corresponds to a DOS/Windows file default pager what is.
Help Digital Signature:
Usage integrity of a message or other data using public key cryptography . To create a digital signature, the signer generates a message digest of the data and then uses a private key to encrypt the default pager meaning.
Help Dedicated Network Build:
Usage In Xcode, a distributed build that is effective on large projects using ten or more build servers. See also distributed build . Compare shared workgroup build default pager abbreviation.
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