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What is digital signature in Mac OS: using public key cryptography . To create a digital signature.


digital signature definition

Explanation DIGITAL SIGNATURE: A way to ensure the integrity of a message or other data using public key cryptography . To create a digital signature, the signer generates a message digest of the data and then uses a private key to encrypt the digest. The signature includes the encrypted digest and identifies the signer. Anyone wanting to verify the signature uses the signer’s digital certificate , which contains the public key needed to decrypt the digest and specifies the algorithm used to create the digest

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Help Discontinuous Selection:
Usage A selection in which unselected objects are between selected objects digital signature definition.
Help Dictionary Browser:
Usage Seeterminology browser digital signature explain.
Help Dashcode:
Usage A graphical application used to build and debug Dashboard widgets digital signature what is.
Help DVD Event:
Usage state change in DVD Playback Services during playback. An event is specified with a type identifier and associated data. Client applications can register callback functions to receive events of digital signature meaning.
Help Date Picker:
Usage A control that allows a user to input date and time information in either a textual or graphical format digital signature abbreviation.
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