dimmed what is
What is dimmed in Mac OS: indicate that they are currently unavailable. Menu items, for example.


dimmed definition

Explanation DIMMED: Used to describe text or icons that are grayed out to indicate that they are currently unavailable. Menu items, for example, are dimmed rather than omitted when they aren’t applicable at a particular moment

More definitions for Mac OS users such as dimmed in Dictionary D.

Help DVD:
Usage An optical storage medium that provides greater capacity and bandwidth than CD-ROM; DVDs are frequently used for multimedia as well as data storage dimmed.
Help Deployment Tool:
Usage An HTML-based application through which J2EE application or component archives can be configured or assembled in preparation for deployment in OS X Server dimmed.
Help Disclosure Triangle:
Usage allows the display, or disclosure, of information that elaborates on the primary information in a window. Disclosure triangles are used in the Finder’s list view; clicking a triangle displays a dimmed.
Help Direct-Access Functions:
Usage ATSUI functions that allow you to manipulate glyph data directly dimmed.
Help Distribution Script:
Usage An XML file with the extension .dist that contains all the information that defines an installation experience in a distribution package. See also distribution package dimmed.
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