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What is file fork in Mac OS: A section of a Macintosh file. See also data fork , resource fork.


file fork definition

Explanation FILE FORK: A section of a Macintosh file. See also data fork , resource fork

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Help Framework:
Usage A type of bundle that packages a dynamic shared library with the resources that the library requires, including header files and reference documentation file fork definition.
Help Folder:
Usage A directory presented to the user in such a way that its contents are accessible (subject to the appropriate permissions) for browsing. Compare package file fork explain.
Help Feature Type:
Usage A group of font features in a style object that are applied to each style run based on font defaults. See also feature selectors file fork what is.
Help File UID:
Usage system object, used to determine the object’s permissions . Each file system object has a user ID (the file UID, commonly referred to as the file’s owner), a group ID (the file GID , commonly file fork meaning.
Help Font Attributes:
Usage A group of flags that modify the behavior or identity of a font file fork abbreviation.
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