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What is flushness in Mac OS: See alignment. Apple Flushness in computers.


flushness definition

Explanation FLUSHNESS: See alignment

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Help Frame Rate:
Usage which video content is recorded or displayed, in number of frames per second. Frame rates may be fractional. (2) In Core Audio, the number of frames played per second for an audio data stream flushness.
Help Fetch:
Usage In Enterprise Objects applications, to retrieve data from the database server into the client application, usually into enterprise objects flushness.
Help Factored Application:
Usage uses a helper tool to perform specific tasks. Interprocess communication mechanisms are used to communicate between processes. In a factored application that uses Authorization Services, the code flushness.
Help Fat Files:
Usage See universal binaries flushness.
Help Flattening:
Usage copying all of the original data referred to by reference in QuickTime tracks into a QuickTime movie file. This can also be called resolving references. Flattening is used to bring in all of the data flushness.
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