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What is KDP in Mac OS: The kernel shim used for communication with a remote debugger ( gdb. Apple.


KDP definition

Explanation KDP: The kernel shim used for communication with a remote debugger ( gdb )

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Help Key:
Usage value (usually a string) used to locate a piece of data in a data structure such as a dictionary. (2) In security, a piece of secret information required to decode an encrypted message. In modern kdp.
Help Kerberos:
Usage standard protocol created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to provide authentication over a network. It is a symmetric-key, server-based protocol and is used widely in Macintosh kdp.
Help Keychain Item:
Usage encrypted and protected by the keychain, plus its associated attributes and access object. Each keychain item has a class that determines what attributes it has; for example Internet password items kdp.
Help KMOD:
Usage Kernel module. A binary in Mach-O format that is packaged in a KEXT (kernel extension). A KMOD is the minimum unit of code that can be loaded into the kernel. Also called a KEXT binary. See also KEXT kdp.
Help Kernel Space:
Usage The protected memory partition in which the kernel resides. See also user space kdp.
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