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What is line join in Mac OS: connected line segments—miter, round, or bevel. Apple Join Line in.


line join definition

Explanation LINE JOIN: The style that Quartz uses to draw the junction between connected line segments—miter, round, or bevel

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Help Lossy Compression:
Usage Data size reduction that entails loss of information. Common lossy audio compression formats include MP3 , AAC , and IMA ADPCM . See also perceptual coding . Compare lossless compression line join.
Help Linear:
Usage In audio, describes a transfer function whose output signal is directly proportional to the input line join.
Help Limiter:
Usage In audio, circuitry or software that limits signal amplitude to a user-defined maximum. Compare level compression line join.
Help Ligature Decomposition:
Usage The breaking up of a ligature into its component glyphs during justification so that the individual glyphs may more evenly occupy the space allotted to the ligature line join.
Help Label Font:
Usage The font used for labels with controls such as sliders and icon bevel buttons. It is 10-point Lucida Grande Regular line join.
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