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What is matte in Mac OS: A defined region of a movie display that can be clipped and filled with.


matte definition

Explanation MATTE: A defined region of a movie display that can be clipped and filled with another display

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Help Many-To-Many Relationship:
Usage databases, a relationship in which each record in the source entity may correspond to more than one record in the destination entity, and each record in the destination may correspond to more than matte definition.
Help Memory Cursor:
Usage out the buffer ranges in a memory descriptor in physical memory, generating a scatter/gather list suitable for a particular device or DMA engine. The object is derived from the IOMemoryCursor class matte explain.
Help Mechanizm Requirement:
Usage A condition that must be met by the computer (and associated operating system) in order for an installation to proceed matte what is.
Help Movie Boundary Obszar:
Usage region that describes the area occupied by a movie in the movie coordinate system, before the movie has been clipped by the movie clipping region. A movie’s boundary region is built up from the track matte meaning.
Help Menu Bar:
Usage The strip at the top of the user’s primary display that contains menu titles. It includes system and application menus matte abbreviation.
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