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What is media handler in Mac OS: the movie’s time coordinate system to the media’s time coordinate.


media handler definition

Explanation MEDIA HANDLER: A piece of software that is responsible for mapping from the movie’s time coordinate system to the media’s time coordinate system. The media handler also interprets the media’??s data. The data handler for the media is responsible for reading and writing the media’??s data. See also data handler

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Help Movie Toolbox Access Keys:
Usage A QuickTime API that can be used to add password protection to QuickTime data media handler.
Help Missing Character Glyph:
Usage The glyph in a font that is drawn when no glyph is defined for a character code in a font media handler.
Help Managed Install:
Usage An Installer-driven installation process. Users open an installer package in the Installer application, which performs all installation tasks media handler.
Help Modifier Key:
Usage A key the user can hold down to alter the meaning of another key being pressed simultaneously or to alter the meaning of a mouse action. The Option and Command keys are examples of modifier keys media handler.
Help Mechanizm Font:
Usage The font used for text in menus and in modeless dialogs, and for titles of document windows. It is 13-point Lucida Grande Regular media handler.
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