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What is MIME type in Mac OS: transmitted via MIME, such as text/plain, image/jpeg, audio/mp3, or.


MIME type definition

Explanation MIME TYPE: A string designating the type of data in an attachment transmitted via MIME, such as text/plain, image/jpeg, audio/mp3, or video/quicktime

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Help Music Player:
Usage The Core Audio programming construct that applications use to play MIDI or other event data mime type.
Help Monotimbral:
Usage In Core Audio, describes an instrument unit configured to produce sounds of only a single timbre. Both monophonic and polyphonic instrument units can be monotimbral. Compare multitimbral mime type.
Help Mutually Exclusive Attribute Group:
Usage A set of attribute choices in which the user can select only one item, such as font size. Compare accumulating attribute group mime type.
Help Minor Version:
Usage A framework version specifier designating a framework that is compatible with programs linked with later builds of the framework within the same major version. Compare major version mime type.
Help Mbuf:
Usage A data structure containing data about a network packet mime type.
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