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What is MPEG-2 AAC in Mac OS: See AAC. Apple Aac 2 Mpeg in computers.


MPEG-2 AAC definition

Explanation MPEG-2 AAC: See AAC

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Help Memory Descriptor:
Usage describes how a stream of data, depending on direction, should either be laid into memory or extracted from memory. It represents a segment of memory holding the data involved in an I/O transfer and mpeg-2 aac.
Help Managed Install:
Usage An Installer-driven installation process. Users open an installer package in the Installer application, which performs all installation tasks mpeg-2 aac.
Help MIDI Timecode:
Usage See MTC mpeg-2 aac.
Help Menu Item Index:
Usage A one-based index that identifies a particular menu item in the menu. A menu item index of 3 indicates the third item in the menu mpeg-2 aac.
Help Microkernel:
Usage implementing a minimal set of abstractions. Typically, higher-level OS services such as file systems and device drivers are implemented in layers above a microkernel, possibly in trusted user-mode mpeg-2 aac.
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