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What is name reference form in Mac OS: by name—that is, by the value of its name property. Apple.


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Explanation NAME REFERENCE FORM: In AppleScript, a reference form that specifies an object by name—that is, by the value of its name property

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Help Navigation Bar:
Usage In Xcode, the bar along the top of the text editor that contains a number of controls that you can use to move between open files, jump to symbols, and open related files name reference form.
Help Named Obszar:
Usage In Mach, a form of named memory entry that provides a form of memory sharing name reference form.
Help Nonretained Window:
Usage A window without an offscreen buffer for screen pixel values name reference form.
Help Nonexclusive Feature Type:
Usage A feature for which you can enable any number of feature selectors at once. Compare exclusive feature type name reference form.
Help Noise Floor:
Usage the noise in a communication channel when no signal is present, typically measured as a scalar, absolute level in decibels relative to a standard level such as using dBu . Noise can vary according to name reference form.
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