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What is pager in Mac OS: of a memory object. See also default pager , vnode pager. Apple Pager in.


pager definition

Explanation PAGER: A module responsible for providing the data for the pages of a memory object. See also default pager , vnode pager

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Help .Pkg File:
Usage An OS X Installer file. .pkg files can be combined into a metapackage (.mpkg pager.
Help Pmap:
Usage Part of Mach VM that provides an abstract way to set and fetch virtual-to-physical mappings from hardware. The pmap system is the machine-dependent layer of the VM system pager.
Help Port:
Usage secure unidirectional channel for communication between tasks running on a single system. (2) In IP transport protocols, an integer identifier used to select a receiver for an incoming packet or to pager.
Help Page Setup Dialog:
Usage displayed by an application in response to the user choosing the Page Setup command—that allows the user to specify the printing options (such as the paper size and the printing orientation) used by pager.
Help Priming:
Usage frames or trailing frames to a set of audio data to support format conversion or SRC (sample rate conversion). If a converter requires priming and no leading or trailing frames are available, silent pager.
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