pager what is
What is pager in Mac OS: of a memory object. See also default pager , vnode pager. Apple Pager in.


pager definition

Explanation PAGER: A module responsible for providing the data for the pages of a memory object. See also default pager , vnode pager

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Help Parameter Variable:
Usage In AppleScript, an identifier in a handler definition that represents the actual value of a parameter when the handler is called. Also called a formal parameter pager definition.
Help Print Center:
Usage An application that allows users to locate and select printers, and control and obtain status for print jobs pager explain.
Help Phoneme:
Usage A distinct unit that serves to distinguish between meanings of words pager what is.
Help Plug-In:
Usage of code and data separate from a host (such as an application, operating system, or other plug-in) that, by conforming to an interface defined by the host, can add features to the host without pager meaning.
Help Priming:
Usage frames or trailing frames to a set of audio data to support format conversion or SRC (sample rate conversion). If a converter requires priming and no leading or trailing frames are available, silent pager abbreviation.
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